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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  March 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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from "fox 5 news", this is "good day early call" . juliet: breaking news out of cyprus. the hijacked plan was supposed to live in there and many women and children were allowed to leave . we are monitoring this intense situation x wind advisories and affect as trees were knocked down leaving her customers without power. lawmakers crackdown . did you hear about spiderman? >> we have the latest on what lawmakers want done. >> good morning. tuesday morning. >> good day to you
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>> this is ben simmoneau . juliet: i am juliet huddy . we missed you . nice to see you been. let's talk about the weather pattern here for today. we had a little bit of a change from yesterday. now it's temperature readings in the 40s. we have the same number in bridgeport in islip. 46 in poughkeepsie and monticello checking in at 360. it's really about the wind. they pick up yesterday afternoon and it's just like you predicted. the last tonight and they go right into this morning. we expect us to up to 50
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sustained wind is running at 20 30 mph on average. is predominately out of the northwest. combine that with the current temperature in its feeling like 30s. feeling like 380 towards montauk and 25 is what it feels like in marcello. it's relatively quiet in rain showers came through yesterday that were out of here by the afternoon. it made for a very nice afternoon. this morning we wake up with thin clouds across the area but overall is looking pretty quiet across the tri-state. more in the way of sunshine with winds persistent. we will talk about that coming up. let's talk about your morning commute . >> good morning.we start out on tuesday morning with a problem in new jersey. 17 s. wild and there's an accident involving a
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southbound traffic diverted in the commute between rochester no issues there. both directions are moving fine and as for the trains , they are running on or close. >> a plane has been hijacked and it happened with a crew with four passengers held hostage. >> the plane was in the capital of cairo and was forced to land in cyprus. domiciled in coach. 55 passengers were aboard the plane and a or american on the flight. no word yet whether they are among the hostages still aboard. there is one hijacker who is said to be an egyptian national and the media says he is asking for asylum. they said it was more personally motivated rather than terrorist. we will monitor the situation this morning and
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>> is interesting that the security in egypt is much less stringent domestically you will consider it through brussel security. new york city wants to be prepared in the event of any terror attack. cities leaders join the exercise to practice for potential impact. suicide bombings and i didn't active shooters are included. in the situations, patrol officers play an important role as first responders. >> we teach our people that they should not wait outside. go in and go to the threat. >> these are serious exercise to prepare and remind you just how prepared the why pd is. >> there is more than 500 officers with a critical response team.
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and apple is over for now. this is the whole situation that really got a lot of attention and became a big judicial issue. robert moses joins us live from outside the store in midtown. >> the anticipated courtroom clash puts the government's national security interest on one end . that's against ash apples privacy issue. it will not happen but the clash of the titans may not be over just yet . the justice department has gained entry into the iphone five seat that syed farouq used to kill 14 people in in december. the government would only say i got access to the phone over the weekend without apple's help. there are many unanswered questions here. namely, what third-party
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will the government share the method? what, if any useful information was found? a breakthrough could have huge ramifications. they say in best years had 205 iphones which are part of the criminal cases that they cannot the government has accessed this iphone, they said they will create a backdoor to extract data from the device. a statement reacting to the news that the government is not needed help for now, apple says, from the beginning we objected to the f guys demand that will build a back door into the iphone because we believe it was wrong and it would set a dangerous president.
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been brought.they also asked to help with other future investigations. one other answer is what effect it will have on other municipalities. will the federal government share the message with other law enforcement agencies across the country . >> that the latest, live outside the apple store. robert, thank you very much. police shot a man at the us capitol after he pulled a weapon. it may have caused a scare. the grounds were locked down for an hour. the picture of larry dawson was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and assault on a police officer. he was arrested last october for disrupt and proceedings in the house of representatives.
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his november court date was stated that it was not an act of terror. >> we believe this is an act of a single person. he has frequently capitol grounds before and there is no reason to believe that this is anything more than a criminal act. a female by standard sustained a minor injury. police are on the hunt for a man accused of raping a transgender's a look at the wanted poster. they said the victim was in the unisex bathroom of the bar when the suspect walked in and assaulted her twice. this happened around 1140 saturday night. the victim was treated at the hospital and she said the man goes to the bar frequently and perhaps was dealing drugs.
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this happened at the corner of eighth avenue and 57th st. he was listed in serious but stable condition. westchester wins brought tree down .this is the scene in yonkers and mount vernon. powerlines were brought down and no injuries reported. the kids were standing right there. her husband was not too thrilled. >> teresa pirillo's checking the proposal out . >> when a mall grabs your butt in times square, your childhood is ruined. >> times square is only a fun experience if you enjoy being groped by grown men
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just ask this tourist. they have become accustomed to sending off spidey, olaf and even if you have been in times square and have for elmo's and to olaf's surround in a trap you. the response would be comical if it wasn't true. >> we have to deal with it. there are billions of number negative impressions going out in times square. >> tomorrow there will be a public hearing on a new bill allowing the department of transportation the power to regulate the pause around the city and create these characters. pedestrians interact with them only if they want to. >> the bill has the support of a time square original. >> if i had to lose my own freedom to run around, so be it . it will increase the quality of the performance.
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controversy surrounding the performers but it will handle the tour anatomically comedy show ticket who works at times square. >> in the naked cowboy run for president? am i hallucinating?ben: didn't he run for mayor? juliet: we will do the google. on good day google early call , hold onto your umbrellas. we will get to weather. make sure your cab or over driver doesn't creep you
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>> sorry .
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happen all the time but it has happened. ben: i fully understand i was just asking, does it happen? the hearing is scheduled today on a law to prevent gas stations and charging people to put air in the tires. gentlemen , help us out sometimes. ben: should i put the aaron for you? juliet: can your boyfriend put it in for you? ben: jodi check that out when town is doing to stop drivers being tricked . >> compressed air is a hot commodity imported for safety. some towns might make you pay for it . >> the current law does not prohibit charging for air while having free air
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>> the town supervisor is pushing to make all carefree. they could charge drivers as long as free air was made available by request. the majority of people we spoke with wasn't even aware .>> i never thought it was free. i knew you had to pay for it. >> i needed it so i had to do it had to do. he swiped his card $4.25 another stationed on the road, we cannot even find a sign. his driver knows better. >> i went inside and asked . >> over in this town, gas stations are required to provide air at no charge. >> areas something should be able to provide. >> 's company makes ,
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machines the that get out the air. ben: i did not know is free. juliet: no , i don't pay attention to that . a medical emergency could keep him from pitching. duke will tell us when he
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it's windy outside this morning. >> i was trying driving on the bridge and it was a little bit freaky. ben: how windy is it? quite windy. we do have a wind advisory continuing through the area. we are starting out with the readings in the 40s in many locations. 45 in islip in the same number in bridgeport. we are at 47 in newark and 43 in sussex. in monticello, checking in at's the look at the wind advisory that i
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it goes to noon in the city and 6:00 for the north and east. we are expecting gust as high as 50 miles per hour. even if they don't go that high we could stay between 20 25. it will make for a very windy and blustery day throughout the tri-state. he was a look at the wind speeds. they are 20 25 mph on average in it starting out of the northwest. we continue to come from that direction to make them quite blustery. it's relatively quiet across the tri-state and we are looking at clear skies. we are looking at clear conditions into tomorrow before wet weather comes in by the end of the week. thursday night is when it will start to arrive with showers into friday. highs in the 50s and 40s with the wind and it was a little bit chilly outside. >> matt harvey what is going on? ben: is a nonbaseball medical issue . the team must address it . >> it's cast doubt on its opening day start.
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be open and back and they said it's hard to say. no one in the mets knows what's going on. the team says they have nothing to do with the surgically repaired elbow. they spoke to reporters about it and there was this from f and why. >> i was informed by the medical staff there was an issue and my understanding is he had a symptom and it was investigated. we are still in the process. >> nonbaseball related . that means if you play baseball and you hurt yourself . >> it's not related to that. >> it could be something medical and it could be something emotional. >> is a nonbaseball medical issue. >> okay . >> in the meantime, sean will start against the marlins today.
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not headed to the playoffs. we did go to new orleans to face the pelicans . >> love that name. >> in new orleans, ron so goes up and christoph porzingis with the next up i ate . jew holiday with the nice drive. it was in a score. >> are we going to see this? >> we already saw it. >> it's a little kid that runs out to how the carmelo anthony. >> he just ran out to the court ? oh boy. he was lucky. you just go back to his mom. >> the kid , not carmelo. >> the nets are down five. they back down the defender
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20 points for him and he pulls away in the fourth quarter. the former net with joe johnson slowing down with miami going on to win at 110/99. >> let's go to hell college hoops. yukon is facing texas. you know how this will turn out . >> first off, stuart helps the huskies pull away burying the three. her mom was in her dad was sitting there with a smug smile. she finished with 21 points in the huskies when 86/25. it's their 71st victory. >> the 26th straight . yukon women are going to the final four , shockingly for the ninth straight time. >> spring training with yankees things to a two run double. holiday takes it with a solo shot getting a free
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beware. beware of the wind. apparently we had some really strong wind gusting today.>> doesn't look like it there but take our word for it. >> take aubrey's word for it . >> a wind advisory is in effect for most of the day. aubrey will talk about it in the forecast. >> be careful if you are headed out early with scattered power outages because of the trees down. we will show you more of the problems across the tri-state. >> breaking news out of cyprus. a egypt air flight was hijacked on his way to kaiser cairo. 81 passengers on board and a lot of them were left off with women and children and


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